Which sunglasses will be available for the first time in 2017?

When the first-ever Nogales, Arizona, Foster Grant sunglasses went on sale in 2013, the glasses were priced at $1,800 and the price was just a bit more than half the price of the brand’s previous glasses.

Today, the sunglasses cost $4,200 and are expected to sell out.

“We’re trying to make a new, more affordable and more durable version of the Foster Grant that will be more attractive to our users,” said Joe Gazzaniga, CEO of Foster Grant, the eyewear company that was founded by Foster Grant founder Richard and Mary Lou Foster in 1979.

Foster Grant’s Foster-Grant eyewears were made from 100 percent cotton and were designed with the wearer in mind.

The company’s sunglasses were designed to fit around the eyes and were not meant to cover the whole face.

The sunglasses are available now in a variety of styles.

The $2,000 sunglasses in black and green are currently available for pre-order at Foster Grant.

Gazziniga said the company has a plan to sell at least 20,000 pairs of Foster-Gents per year.

The new sunglasses, which will be the first to feature the brand name on the lenses, will retail for $5,600.

Foster-Guards were first made available in 2015.

They come in black, green, and white.

They also feature an exclusive lens design that mimics the contours of the eyes.

The lenses are also available in a black, black, and green version that is $2.00 more expensive than the regular Foster-gents.

Foster gents can be worn under their own glasses, or with sunglasses attached.

Foster is also working on a new color-changing version of its Foster-guards that will go on sale later this year.

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