How the Indian Women’s Day is being misconstrued by the media

The Indian Women Day has been celebrated by many in the country, and a huge number of people in the community are celebrating it on May 12, especially in the south-western state of Punjab.

The day marks the first day of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and is often celebrated by both Muslims and Christians.

But there are certain social media posts that misinform people about the actual significance of this day and the meaning of the holiday.

Here are some of them: 1.

It is the first time in the past 40 years that the Muslim community has taken part in a mass event, said a senior Hindu leader in a Facebook post.

He said that this was the first Hindu day of fasting, and that this would not be the last.

“There is a reason for this.

It is a day for worship, it is a time for celebration.

It cannot be taken for granted.

And this is a big day.

So, we need to use it to promote our religion,” he said.


The celebration of the Hindu festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, which starts at 6pm, has been dubbed the “celebration of terror”.

“It is not only an excuse to incite people, but also to spread the message of intolerance,” said an activist in an online post.

“If we take Eid as a day to celebrate the freedom of all religions, then it is clear that the celebrations of terrorists should not be part of the celebration,” he added.


People are using the day to spread misinformation about the holiday, said Suman Sharma, a writer in Delhi who has been critical of the Indian media’s coverage of the celebrations.

She said that she had witnessed many people using the Hindu celebration of Eid to spread fear and to “spread lies”.


The celebrations of Eid should not attract a lot of publicity.

It should be a day of joy, she said.

“A celebration of freedom and tolerance should be celebrated.

This day is not about celebrating a political agenda, it should be about celebration and peace.

People should celebrate this day with open arms, not with hate,” she said, adding that the celebration should not make people feel isolated.


It does not need to be celebrated on the first Friday of the month, because that is not the right time to celebrate, she added.


The Muslim community is not allowed to attend the celebrations, she insisted.


The government has decided to hold the Eid celebration on May 10 in the same place where the previous Eid was celebrated in 2009.


The police have warned people not to spread false rumours.


It will be a peaceful celebration.

There is no need for a celebration, the police said.


There should be no political agenda or anything else in the celebration of this festival.


The community is ready to take part in the celebrations if it is organised properly.


It would be a great day to observe Eid-al-Fitrs.

Everyone should be ready for a great celebration, said the Hindu activist.


People who celebrate the day should not use it as a pretext to spread hatred and violence, she explained.


The Hindu community has a history of celebrating Eid in different places.

This is the only place in India where the celebrations are celebrated on different days, said Sharma.


It has nothing to do with religion.

The festival is not a political issue.

It was not a festival organised for political purposes.


We are not against the Hindus, but they are not allowed, she claimed.


It must be a celebration of respect for all religions.

We cannot celebrate any other religious day than this.

We should not celebrate a day which is not in the spirit of Hinduism.


This celebration of May Day should not give rise to any problems, she asserted.


Eid should be observed with the full respect of all people, including Hindus.


People have a right to celebrate their religious festivals in a peaceful manner.

We must not create an atmosphere of hatred and fear, she advised.

 (With inputs from Reuters)

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