How to make your own round sunglasses from a plastic bottle

Round sunglasses are now a reality, and this article will show you how to make them yourself using plastic bottles.

In case you are wondering what the heck is a round sunglasses, they are sunglasses that have been shaped to fit round faces.

They are made of plastic bottles, and they are made to fit your face.

But if you want to make one yourself, you will need a few things.

You will need to get a bottle that is large enough to fit you.

You also need to make sure that the bottle is made from something that is not plastic, as this can easily break.

You need to know what the bottle will be used for, because the bottle must be of something that you can actually wear.

You can find out how to find a bottle here, but here is a quick rundown on how to do it:  How to find the right bottle:  Pick a bottle with a wide mouth.

This will be a good place to find an old bottle, because old bottles tend to be heavy and will break easily.

You may also want to get one that has a metal rim, like this one.

If you have a plastic cup, it is also a good idea to get this bottle.

You want to choose a bottle from the same category as the other items you will be using.

The more items you get, the better you will find the bottle.

For example, if you have just one bottle, this will be fine, but if you get two bottles, you may want to split them up. 

Get the bottle on the right side of the bottle, but keep it clear.

This is the part you need to do right away.

If the bottle has a lot of plastic on the inside, you should make sure it is on the left side.

If there is a lot more plastic than plastic, you can make a hole in the side of it to help it fit.

You should use a bottle holder or something similar, as well as something that fits inside of the mouth of the glass bottle. 

Make sure you use the right container for the bottle!

You will want to use a glass bottle with no plastic on it, so that it will fit inside the mouth.

If it has plastic on its side, you are probably better off with a plastic bag instead. 

You need the bottle to be clear of any other materials that can easily fall off the bottle when you put it in your mouth.

To get the bottle clear of plastic, put a small amount of water inside the bottle and then squeeze it tight.

You don’t want to put the bottle in your nose, as it could cause any chemicals in the water to leach out, so be careful when putting it in. 

Take the bottle out of the container.

When you have squeezed the bottle with enough force to break the plastic, the bottle should be clear.

If not, you might need to fill the bottle up with more water.

You do not want to fill up the bottle completely with water, so make sure you are holding the bottle as much as you can. 

Put the bottle into the bottle holder.

Next, put the glass bottles inside the glass containers.

Put the glass container in the glass holder. 

Fill the bottle full of water.

Make sure that you do not let the water get to the bottom of the plastic bottle, as that will cause it to leak. 

Let the bottle rest on the bottom.

Put a piece of string around the bottle until it is at the right position.

Tie it around the glass Bottle, then put the plastic Bottle inside the plastic container. 

Pour the water from the bottle back into the glass.

This time, take a little bit of the water that was used to fill it, and place it back in the bottle so that you have it ready for drinking. 

Fill the bottle all the way up to the rim.

This should be the most difficult part.

You are going to want to be sure that there are no pieces of plastic sticking out of your mouth, and that you are not pouring too much water down your nose. 

Place the bottle upside down, and take a piece from the plastic.

Place it on top of the top piece of plastic.

Then, put that piece back in place.

You only need one plastic piece.

You might have to try different pieces to find one that is right for you. 

Make sure that it does not get all over your face! 

You are almost done! 


You are now ready to make round sunglasses. 

To make a round bottle, you only need two things: a bottle, and a plastic container that is big enough to hold it. 

The bottle needs to be big enough so that your glasses will fit through the mouth, but not too big that it breaks easily.

The plastic container needs to have a mouth piece that can fit through your nose to make it fit snugly.

If either of these pieces of the piece don’t fit snug, it will probably be a

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