How to wear sunglasses safely on the beach

You can’t wear sunglasses on the open ocean, even when the sun is shining.

You can, however, wear them to keep yourself cool, according to a new study from researchers at The University of Queensland.

Read moreNews_Image_File: The study by Dr Kevin McGovern and colleagues at The Royal Queensland Institute of Technology (RQIT) found that children, teenagers and adults in the study wore sunglasses on average when they surfed, surfed their own surfboard or rode a bike.

Dr McGovern said it was important for people to know that their safety depended on their own behaviour.

“It’s not just a matter of wearing sunglasses, it’s a matter the way you surf, ride or bike,” Dr McGovern told the ABC.

“When you ride, you don’t have any protective gear, so it’s not that you’re not wearing it, but you’re just wearing it for the surfers to see that you are wearing it and to know how much you need to wear it.”

“I think people should be cautious in the way they wear them and the way that they use them,” he said.

“We found that wearing sunglasses while surfing was associated with a reduced risk of injury, and that was for both kids and adults.”

In terms of children, we found that those wearing sunglasses were more likely to have a protective helmet on and were less likely to be involved in collisions.””

We also found that when people surfed on their surfboard, they were more at risk of colliding with a wave than those who didn’t surf.

“Dr McKing said people could wear sunglasses while riding, but they had to be careful not to get too close to waves.”

The only way you’re going to be able to see what’s going on, is if you’re looking directly into the waves,” he explained.”

You can’t look directly into them, so you’ve got to be really close to the wave.

“Dr Leena Naidoo, a surf instructor at the University of South Australia, said the findings suggested people should wear glasses if they wanted to protect themselves against waves.

Dr Naidoon said people wearing sunglasses would be more likely not to be swept off their board.”

There are some people that are very protective of their board, so they’ll be wearing a helmet, but I don’t think that’s the best way to protect yourself,” she said.

Dr Kevin McQueen, a lecturer in marine biology at The Queensland University of Technology, said sunglasses were one of the few things that would keep surfers safe.”

I’m not going to say that everyone should wear sunglasses but I think the evidence suggests that you can wear sunglasses, if you need them to do something that you need,” he told the BBC.”

So wearing sunglasses is one of those things that are really good for your health and good for surfing.

“Dr Nanaoo said it would be important for children and teenagers to wear protective goggles to protect their eyes, as it was a safer choice than wearing sunglasses.”

If they have goggles, it may be easier to use them, but if they don’t, it will be more difficult to see,” she explained.


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