The price of sunglasses

More than two-thirds of Australian residents buy at least one pair of glasses, with the average person spending $1,400 on glasses every year, according to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

More than three-quarters of those glasses are on sale and a third of those are at a price above $1k, according a report.

The research, released this week, shows glasses are an essential part of a modern life for Australians.

Glass is an essential ingredient in modern life and the glass that is worn is a vital part of that.

It shows the importance of purchasing quality glasses, and shows that the costs of glasses are rising faster than inflation, the BIS said.

The report found there are more than 70 glasses sold each year.

“When the glass is worn, it has a very important impact on the wearer, not only physically but mentally and emotionally,” the BIST said.

“There is a lot more to a person than what they are wearing.”

The study found glasses were sold at a higher average price in 2015 than in 2014.

In 2016, glasses sold were $1.3 million higher than in 2015.

The cost of buying a pair of sunglasses can also be an expensive proposition.

In 2015, a pair was estimated to cost about $450, while in 2020 it was $539.

The BIS study also found glasses cost more to purchase than other types of products.

It found a typical person spends $1 per pair of eyeglasses, with $8,000 spent on a pair in 2020.

“The cost per pair can be much higher in certain situations, such as in emergency situations, or when you are on a tight budget, or if you are trying to reduce the amount of time you spend wearing glasses,” the report said.

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