The latest sunglasses sales to hit Dublin

More than 1,000 new designer sunglasses have been unveiled in Dublin as part of the Quay Women’s brand’s latest eyewear campaign.

More than 100 pairs of sunglasses are on display at the opening of Quay’s Women’s Centre in the city’s West End on Thursday.

The brand’s new campaign features iconic Quay woman Coco McPherson, who was an inspiration to the team behind the campaign.

It includes two of the brand’s signature sunglasses: the Quays original and the Coco McQueen inspired Quays new line of “fancy, high-quality sunglasses”.

“Coco is a character in our brand, one of the most famous Irish women, and her iconic sunglasses represent her timeless beauty,” Quay Men’s Director of Marketing Chris O’Neill said.

“Her inspiration to our brand and the campaign was to bring the latest, high quality, fashion-forward style to a small but passionate and dedicated community of women in the capital.”

This collaboration has brought new inspiration to Quay, and with this campaign we are showing that the brand can continue to create quality products and services for women.

“Quay Women will offer the new designs in a range of colours and materials.

It is part of a wider campaign of new eyewares for women that is launched on Wednesday.

The campaign, which runs from April 2 to May 12, will feature brands including the French-designed Le Creuset, which has a collection of “modern, sophisticated eyewears”, as well as “luxurious” sunglasses from the Italian brand Vogue.

The range of items is priced from €60 to €160 for men and women, with women’s glasses available for around €150.

Quay Men will also offer women a range to buy on its website, with a range including a pair of Quays vintage sunglasses for €150, and a pair from Quay to match a designer suit.

The company said the new collection was inspired by the Quai’s “love of style”.”

The women’s brand is so big that we feel we have an obligation to our customers, who come to us to buy the products that define them, and the new Quay line of eyeways will continue to embody this love of style,” it said.

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