How to Get the Best Prices on Eyeglasses at a Best Buy

In the past year, we’ve seen many companies offer cheaper and more affordable sunglasses online, but the quality of these glasses is still subject to some price fluctuation.

A recent study by researchers at Emory University revealed that consumers are willing to pay higher prices for sunglasses at Best Buy. 

The study, which looked at sunglasses online from April to June 2016, found that shoppers were willing to shell out $1,200 for a pair of sunglasses that were offered for $20 less.

The average price was $225, while the highest price was more than $400, and the lowest price was less than $50.

A more detailed look at the study reveals that while consumers are still willing to spend a bit more for a more expensive pair of glasses, they’re not willing to put in the extra money to make up the difference.

In the study, the researchers examined how consumers react when confronted with higher-quality eyeglasses, such as the Fendi and Louis Vuitton brand.

The researchers were interested in finding out whether these brands’ pricing practices would affect how people perceive their quality.

The researchers found that consumers were willing, when presented with a pair that was at least $1 more than the next-highest-priced pair, to shell it out to get the same quality.

Consumers were also willing to give up $50 or more in price to get a pair at the same price as a pair from a competitor.

This led to a “pay what you want” effect, where consumers are more willing to fork over a bit of extra cash for the same glasses that they have already spent $50 at.

The researchers also found that the price difference between a pair offered for less and one offered for more was not as big a deal as people previously thought.

They also found little difference in price between sunglasses offered by two companies and those offered by one company.

The study also found consumers were less willing to compromise on price when compared to a company that offers the same pair of lenses.

This finding was particularly surprising, given that consumers often pay a lot more for sunglasses than other products.

“Our findings suggest that consumers may not be willing to sacrifice their financial security to get an inexpensive pair of eyeglass lenses at a price that is competitive with other brands,” said lead author and Emory professor of psychology Michael C. Johnson.

It’s worth noting that while the researchers’ results may be driven by a general increase in consumer willingness to pay more, there are many other factors that can affect the price of a pair.

For example, the glasses that were discounted may not have been a good deal to begin with, and customers might be more willing than others to pay the extra price.

However, the takeaway is that consumers seem to prefer buying glasses online over at a store.

In fact, according to the researchers, the price fluctuating of the glasses may be the most important factor that drove consumers to shell things out.

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