Which MLB players should wear sunglasses?

The MLB’s player safety program is looking to make it easier for players to wear sunglasses.

Article 1: If you’re going to wear glasses, you better be wearing them right.

The MLB announced that it will be launching a new program called Opt-In.

The program allows players to set up a profile on MLB.com and opt in for MLB’s Player Safety Team, which will help the MLB staff keep tabs on players who wear glasses and give them recommendations for how to best protect themselves from contact with the eyes.

Players can opt out of the program at any time.

It will be a welcome addition to the MLB’s concussion program, which has been plagued by high rates of concussion in recent years.

The MLB was able to reduce the number of concussions it suffered from its players in recent seasons thanks to the help of the concussion prevention program, and its players are now wearing protective eyewear at all times.

While the MLB is currently working to implement the program, there are still a few issues that the program has yet to address.

For starters, the MLB has been trying to come up with a system to measure how much contact the players are making with the eye and how many times they have to be put in contact before they can be put on the field.

The league has been working to figure out what it should look like when players wear sunglasses, and that has been a major concern for players who suffer concussion-related injuries.

It is not clear if the MLB will be able to develop a system for measuring contact when players have glasses on.

Another issue the MLB needs to address is whether players who have glasses should be allowed to use them while on the mound.

The MLB has yet another major issue that needs to be addressed.

The players that wear glasses are still allowed to play baseball.

That is, until MLB decides that the glasses are dangerous to play.

This could be a problem if they cause the players to become fatigued while playing the game.

The glasses also are not allowed to be worn during any type of batting practice or during batting practice at the start of a game.

The glasses and the players that use them should be removed at the end of every game and players should be able wear them while not wearing glasses at all.

That would make for an easy change of pace for pitchers who have had to wear their glasses during batting practices.

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