‘Carnival of light’: The best sunglasses of 2018

The year 2018 was a remarkable year for the business of sunglasses.

The new high-end brands that were introduced in 2018 had a huge impact on the fashion landscape.

And we’ve seen them play a crucial role in shaping the fashion industry, which is where you are now.

But where did the big names come from?

What are the brands that make up the carnival of lights?

And how did the business evolve over the last two decades?

This article looks at the best sunglasses, black sunglasses, cartier sunglasses, men’s sunglasses and kids sunglasses.

All are in this year’s Best of 2018.


Black Eyed Peas by Cartier This is the most recognisable brand from the last decade.

It has become a favourite among both women and men.

The brand has created a range of eye shadow and lipstick shades that can be worn with a wide range of clothes, from casual tops and trousers to sports coats, and also works in more formal occasions, like weddings and engagements.


Louis Vuitton by Cartiers The biggest name from the high-fashion industry this year was Louis Vuits.

The French luxury brand has been making high-quality sunglasses for the last 30 years.

The first line of products were sunglasses, but in the late 1980s, the company started to introduce a range that included a range for men’s eyes, called the ‘Men-Eye’.

And this line has become so popular that it is now the main product for the entire business.


Cartier by Cartes The brand is well-known for its quality, with its flagship sunglasses being the ‘Mint-Eye’, which has been the most popular product of the brand ever since.

Cartiers range of sunglasses is known for its superior quality, and is still a mainstay in the fashion market today.


Carti by Carties This brand is known to be a favourite of men and women.

Its range of glasses is well known, and it is a favourite with both men and young men.


Carta by Cartos This is a small, independent company, and makes some of the most innovative sunglasses ever made.

Cartos sunglasses are made in the Netherlands, and are designed for men.


Cartay by Cartares This small, family-owned company is known as a ‘brand in sunglasses’, and it has been producing high-tech, high-priced sunglasses since its founding in 1999.

Its latest product, Cartay Men, was unveiled last year.


Cartes Men by Carte This is another small company that makes some stylish sunglasses, which have won the hearts of men in the past.

Cartares men’s shades are designed to be worn under suits, and its newest product, the Cartes range, was launched in 2018.


Carte by Cartis This small company is made up of two generations, with the younger generation focusing on making quality glasses for men, while the older generation produces high-performing products for women.


Fendi by Fendi Fendi is one of the big brands in the industry, and this year has been a major one for the brand.

It is known in the beauty and fashion world for its fine eyewear, and has had a major impact on many brands in this industry.

Fendres sunglasses, such as the Cartier Men line, have become a big hit with the women’s world.


Louis Vitton by Louis Vuitch This company is the second largest luxury brand in the world.

It owns a number of other high-profile brands, such the Cartiers Men line and the Cartay range.


LVMH by Louis Volles Louis Volls sunglasses are designed by the company, which has a large market share in the luxury eyeware industry.

They are used for both men’s and women’s products.


Puma by Puma This is one big brand in high-performance sunglasses, and Puma is a big success for its brand.

Pumas range is made by Pumases own factories in France, and includes many of the brands best-known sunglasses, including Cartier and Carte.


Prada by Prada Prada is the fourth biggest luxury brand, and the biggest seller of high-spec sunglasses, with a strong focus on the women market.


L’Oreal by L’Oréal L’Osseau is the biggest cosmetics company in the business, and L’Auberge du Président de la Lune, or L’Ordre du Préident de Lune is the leading brand in cosmetics.

It recently launched its first high-top women’s sunglasses, the Pumadex range.


Lourdes by Lourds Lourde’s range is famous for its high-contrast, eye-catching designs.

The company is one the most successful beauty

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