The real deal: Pugs sunglasses for designers

It’s hard to believe, but the first Pugs glasses were not designed to appeal to the world of designers.

The glasses are a design by the design company Lumi, which focuses on high-tech glasses for the fashion industry. 

Lumi’s designs have become well-known, especially for the designs on the brand’s eyewear line.

Lumi also makes glasses for other companies, including the Gap and Levi’s.

But the glasses are best known for the glasses the company makes for its clients. 

These glasses are not designed for the eye.

They’re designed for people with a wide range of eye types, said Lumi’s cofounder, Matt Wieczorek.

They make the wearer’s vision look brighter and less blurry. 

“There’s a lot of people out there who are looking for sunglasses that have that classic, classic look, but there are so many more that have been influenced by the fashion world and they really wanted something that they could wear to work or even home,” Wieckek said. 

But what about the designs for people who have vision issues? 

The glasses can be a little intimidating for the untrained eye.

It’s also easy to be a bit confused when you first see a Pugs product, Wieck said.

“If you look at some of the designs, the lenses are sort of curved, and it’s kind of a ‘what do you mean by that?’ question,” Wiesch said.

“There are other glasses out there, like some of these guys, they actually have lenses that are shaped like their eyes.” 

Lori Williams, a professor of communication at Georgia State University, is one of the leading experts on how the human eye works. 

She explained that our vision is like a computer.

There’s a process going on where we are looking at different pixels and making choices about where to look at them and where not to look.

“The brain is very good at looking at the world, and when we see the world in a way that is consistent with our visual system, we know what that is,” Williams said.

So, what’s a designer wearing?

“It’s a really, really expensive process,” Williams added.

“If you’re designing for people and you want to create a product that is comfortable and fashionable, you have to design glasses that fit that person’s eye type.”

That’s a very difficult, complex process.

It has to be something that the designer is comfortable with.

And then the glasses have to be functional and durable.

“You have to make sure that the glasses can keep their shape even when the wearer has different eye types,” she said.

Losing sight can be especially difficult for people on the spectrum, like Williams said, because it means the wearer doesn’t get the same benefits from the glasses they use for everyday tasks like reading or watching television.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have to wear glasses that looked really bad,” Williams told ABC News.

“But now, the technology is really, very good.

I can wear glasses like my wife and her boyfriend.

They can be really comfortable, and they’re very comfortable for people.”

So, it’s a little bit tricky, but when I look at these glasses, they do look really good.” 

For many people, the glasses do have an appeal.

But for other people, their experience is not so great. 

A new study published in Vision Research and Therapy found that the perception of the glasses is dependent on whether the wearer is an inner-ear or outer-ear person. 

The study looked at nearly 4,000 adults who were asked to describe their experience with glasses in the past, their perception of glasses, and their perceptions of how the glasses would fit the wearer.

The study found that inner-ears have a slightly higher perception of what a Puffs product looks like, but that outer-ears prefer to wear Pugs designs. 

Williams said that for some people, wearing Pugs may not be as bad as they thought. 

For example, Williams said that people who wear glasses might find they can actually wear Puffs sunglasses better than wearing glasses made for outer-eyes.”

For those who are sensitive to the perception that outer ears have a lower perception of Puffs glasses, Williams suggested that they can try a different product.””

That’s because they don’t have a good understanding of how their eyes work.”

For those who are sensitive to the perception that outer ears have a lower perception of Puffs glasses, Williams suggested that they can try a different product.

“Maybe just wear a different pair of glasses that are designed for outer eyes,” Williams suggested. 

And for those who wear the glasses, Wiesckel said, “You’re going to get some pretty close-up views of your vision, and you’re going, ‘wow, I look different.'”

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