How the world’s biggest brands are getting their sunglasses on – Part 1

The world’s most popular brands are using their brands’ most trusted brands to get the most from their products.

That’s according to a new report from the Global Brand Index.

“We have been watching the rise and rise of the global brands and they are all having a big impact on the world,” said James Smith, co-founder of Global BrandIndex.

“I don’t think anyone can ignore the impact they have had on people.”

Global Brand Index says brands that use the most trusted brand name are “most likely to receive more attention, and are the most likely to be on your radar.”

The report looked at the brand name used by 1,000 global brands in 2014 and found brands that used more than 200 brands in their name were the most successful brands.

“The brands that we identified, they are in the business of creating value,” said Smith.

“They are the ones that you want to look to.

They have the right branding, the right brand, the product.

It’s about creating the best possible product for your customers.”

In terms of brands that had the highest percentage of their brands on their radar, Smith said the global name was key.

“You can’t just go to a retailer, they have to use a brand name that they know and trust,” he said.

“So if you have a brand that is known, it has to be that you know.

And so if a brand has that trust, they will be more likely to do the right thing.”

The report found brands are spending a lot more money on their branded products and the brands that are most likely get the attention are those that are leading in the digital space.

“They are doing more in the social sphere, they know what they want to do and they know how to build that community and build that brand,” said Rob Bower, founder of Brandwise, a company that tracks the growth of brands.

Bower said the study shows that brands have a lot to learn from the best.

“It’s about the value, the authenticity, the credibility, the trustworthiness, the integrity and all of that,” he explained.

“So it’s the brand, it’s what they are selling.”

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