When the bose is too quiet: The headphones are perfect for listening to music in the dark

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “bose” is the sound of headphones.

But that sounds like it would be a bad idea.

So the folks over at the Bose Corporation are using it as an adjective to describe their headphones.

Their new headphones, which have a built-in microphone, are designed to capture sound at a distance of about 100 feet.

That’s just enough to get a person to hear something like a voice.

But they also capture sound as the person moves.

“The human ear can pick up a lot of the sound,” said James Dyson, the director of engineering at the company.

“We were able to make the first Bose headphones so far so quiet that it is nearly indistinguishable from the noise of the road.”

The Bose microphones can pick out the sound coming from a vehicle as well as the sounds of your own footsteps.

That sound, which can range from “the roar of a motorbike” to “the crackle of a fire hydrant,” is the only real difference between a human being and a bumble bee.

The headphones, designed by a company called Bose, can pick-up sound at distances of up to 200 feet.

And, unlike those used by the average person, the headphones are made of sound-absorbing materials like polycarbonate.

The company hopes that the headphones will give people a little more peace of mind in the event of a crash, or when someone is trying to escape from a violent situation.

In addition to the microphone, the Bosed headphones also have two microphones, one for each ear.

They use a combination of sensors and algorithms to capture sounds at distances up to 150 feet.

Bose says the headphones also work in the darkness, and can pick sounds out of the night sky.

They are the first time Bose has created headphones that can capture sound far enough away from a human to be useful in emergency situations.

The microphones are made from a proprietary material called Kevlar, which is a durable material that is strong and light.

Kevlar is a material that has many applications, but for some reason it seems to be the perfect material for recording sound.

Bosing headphones are designed with a microphone inside the ear.

The microphone picks up sound coming out of your head.

It can pick a number of different sounds, including a car horn, a phone call, a radio call, and even the sound from your car.

Boses headphones are the result of years of research and development.

The first prototype of the headphones was tested in 2014.

The Boses earphones were first tested in 2015.

They have already been tested in the field and at home.

“They are designed for people with a variety of hearing needs,” Dyson said.

“Some of them will need hearing protection, some of them might not be comfortable to wear, and some of these people might not have a lot to lose.”

The company plans to sell the headphones to companies who can test them in the fields, hospitals, and in other public places.

The idea for the headphones comes from the idea that humans can be heard at a far distance, and that humans are good at hearing things outside their normal experience.

The engineers behind the Boses sound system also say that the idea is not to make noise, but to give people the ability to be able to hear sounds they otherwise might not hear.

The companies goal with the headphones is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for people who need to listen to a lot, and who don’t want to have to listen for long periods of time.

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