Panama Jack sunglasses are a great alternative to the cat with sunglasses

A man in a Panama jack suit and sunglasses was photographed wearing a pair of sunglasses to work in the Bay Area yesterday, but he’s not happy about it.

In a tweet, the man claimed that the sunglasses were not his, and that the company had no idea what the sunglasses meant.

“I love you guys and you guys have been wonderful.

I was wearing a Panama Jack suit and a pair my friend gave me.

And you know what?

It is not my sunglasses, you guys did not know what you were doing,” the man tweeted.”

When we went to the airport yesterday to get my passport I found out that you guys sent my passport to your employees without my knowledge and without my permission,” the tweet continued.

“So I have no business telling you how to make your products.

You guys know what I’m talking about.

Go fuck yourself.”

The man also took issue with the company’s response, and was quick to share his frustrations on social media.

“You guys know that I am a big fan of Panama Jack and their products, but when they send my passport for a refund they are only doing it because they think they can get away with it,” the Twitter user wrote.

“It is my right to return it to them.

I am not going to take their money when they refuse to refund me.

If they want to keep sending my passport, they should do so by contacting me and giving me my original receipt.

They will be refunded and I will give them a call to explain why I am unhappy.”

According to the company, the sunglasses are not the first they have used to work with the wearer, but they have been used by several people over the years.

The man in question tweeted that he would like to see his new sunglasses made available to anyone, including the man who gave him his passport.

“If they want my sunglasses back they need to give me my passport and tell me exactly where I should get it and where they want it,” he said.

“I am not happy with that.

Please make them available to everyone, I am begging you.”

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