How to wear your favorite shades at Macy’s to look like the Kardashians

Posted November 20, 2020 10:29:21A fashion trend that started with men wearing designer sunglasses has become an increasingly common trend for women in their 40s and 50s, especially in the beauty and lifestyle brands.

In a new lookbook for the fashion industry, Macy’s is offering a variety of sunglasses, drawing from the fashion worlds most popular styles and adding more shades of gray and blue to the mix.

In this case, the colors are shades of red and blue, with a hint of green, as well as white and black, to add to the palette.

The designers have chosen to go with muted shades of color, which look more like a palette.

“Macy’s was inspired by the Kardashian family, but we’re really trying to go in the opposite direction,” said Liz Stoller, a senior designer at Macy.

“We want to do a lot of the things they do in the brand.”

For Macy’s, the focus is not just on what the family looks like, but also what looks good in the clothing.

“You can be wearing your favorite Chanel or Louis Vuitton outfit,” Stoller said.

The designers are also experimenting with different shades of colors.

“Some of our sunglasses have shades that are darker and more black,” Stoll said.

“So we’re experimenting with shades of brown and grey to give the family a little more personality.”

Stoller said that the designers wanted to try and capture the spirit of the brand, with its simplicity.

“They’re a family that is so simple and easy to wear,” she said.

Stoller added that they wanted to give Macy’s an opportunity to be the brand that everyone loves to shop at, while giving the designers the chance to create something that is truly their own.

The lookbook features the brand’s latest line of sunglasses and a selection of new shades.

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