When it comes to fashion trends, it’s the women’s fashion that matters

TAKING OUR DETAILS:  A new survey shows that women’s casual and stylish sunglasses are more popular in the UK than men’s.

According to a survey of 1,500 people by UK-based fashion-research firm Fathom Media, 70 per cent of respondents in the age range of 18-34 said they had worn glasses in the past month.

But the trendier shades were popular with men as well.

The poll also found that women prefer men’s sunglasses, with women saying they wore glasses in 70 per, and men in 72 per cent.

A survey of 500 people in England and Wales found that men preferred men’s casual sunglasses, while women preferred men, and glasses in 60 per cent, the survey found.

It is thought that this trend stems from men’s more traditional glasses wearing.

While men wear glasses in greater numbers in the US, women do not seem to have the same preference for casual wear.

Although women are more likely to be wearing glasses in Europe, the data from the survey also shows that men and women prefer different shades.

Men prefer more muted shades.

For example, a black eye shadow was preferred by 50 per cent and a silver eye shadow by 43 per cent for men and 45 per cent per cent women.

Women preferred more vibrant shades, such as blue, yellow and red.

However, the research shows that a woman’s preferred shade is the same regardless of the type of sunglasses she chooses.

“A woman’s preference for glasses in a particular shade depends on the shade she prefers to wear and the type she wants to wear them with,” Fathom said.

As the UK gets hotter, it is more likely that the popularity of men’s glasses will grow.

In the UK, women are currently the most likely to wear glasses for work, according to a study by the British Fashion Council.

Fathom also found women are also more likely than men to buy glasses online, which is likely to drive up the number of people who wear glasses online.

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