Why I Don’t Wear Sunglasses When I Go Outside

There are two primary reasons why you should avoid wearing sunglasses outdoors: glare and glare on the face.

You should wear sunglasses indoors when you are in a bright light and outdoors when you’re not.

For many people, wearing sunglasses indoors is a no-brainer, since the sun will be directly overhead.

But when you get outdoors, it’s often a no go.

The Sun is an Indirect Source of Light for Your Face When it comes to wearing sunglasses, the sun is the indirect source of light.

It is directly above your face.

It doesn’t have to be a direct source of direct sunlight.

In fact, the more sun you have, the less sunlight you will need to wear sunglasses.

If you have a large-ish head and are exposed to the sun’s rays, you will probably need more than one pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

A pair of high-end sunglasses will likely provide the best protection.

However, if you are wearing them under loose fitting clothes, your face will likely get sunburned.

Sunburns and Eye Health A sunburn is when your face gets sunburn-like rash.

A sun-burn is a sore, red area on your face, usually where the sun was shining.

The rash doesn’t need to be serious, and the rash will heal itself with time.

You may also have a dry eye if you have irritation from wearing sunglasses too much.

If the rash continues, it can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

This is a serious problem, so you should definitely wear sunglasses while outdoors, and you should also wear sun protection if you plan to go outside in the future.

This article was originally published March 5, 2018.

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