Bose and Bose Sunglasses: Are you black?

Black hats, hoodies, and sunglasses have been popping up in the media since 2011, but their ubiquity is quickly becoming a trend.

This week, Bose unveiled its first sunglasses meme and black hat fashion trend.

“Black hat,” which has a lot of meanings, is slang for a person of color.

Its meaning is to say “I’m not a good person,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

“I can’t get the job done,” black hat is slang meaning “I don’t have a good work ethic,” according the Oxford Dictionary.

Some people refer to black hats as “baiters” because they use them to lure others into buying into their business, according to

Bose is not the first black hat company to take aim at sunglasses, however.

Earlier this year, B.J. Britt & Co. announced a new line of black hat sunglasses.

“These sunglasses are the ultimate black hat look,” Britt said in a statement.

Britt’s sunglasses will retail for $69.99.

“The black hat looks so simple.

But when you take it out of the box, it’s a whole different story,” Britt told the New York Times.

“You can’t go wrong with black hats.”

The Bose sunglasses meme is based on a Bose spokesperson’s statement, which reads, “We love sunglasses.

They’re great for everyday looks.

But we know there are plenty of sunglasses out there that you might not agree with.”

“I know that when people say ‘black hat,’ they’re looking at the real world, the world that people really can relate to.

So we wanted to put our sunglasses to good use,” Britt added.

B. J. Britt sunglasses, a $69 product, will be available on April 7.

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